Why use a Dulux Select Decorator?

This innovative concept was developed by Dulux in response to a growing number of requests from customers like yourself for professional decorators whose work is of such high quality and reliability it can be guaranteed. As Britain's leading manufacturer, with access to skilled professional decorators across the country, Dulux are in an ideal position to select the very best and guarantee their work. And so Dulux Select Decorators was born!

How are members selected?

Every single member has been carefully chosen for their quality of workmanship, experience, loyalty, reliability and above all excellent customer service. This is not a one off selection process, monitoring for members work is an ongoing process.

What is Trustmark? 

TrustMark is a scheme heavily supported by the government, the building industry and consumer groups to help consumers find reliable and trustworthy trades people to make improvements and repairs inside and outside the home. To find out more about TrustMark visit the above link.

What does Dulux Select Decorators and TrustMark mean for you?

Reassurance and total peace of mind at no extra cost.

The Free 2 Year Guarantee

This guarantee is a first, and is unique in the professional decorating world. All members can offer you a Free 2 Year Guarantee on all their painting and decorating work carried out using Dulux Trade products. This means that in the unlikely event of a problem arising we will put it right at no extra cost to YOU!

The Code of Practice - for more than just a good job

Every member has signed a binding agreement to abide by a Code of Practice, laid down to ensure that the highest standards are met in every aspect of their business practice. In other words, in addition to quality workmanship, you can be sure that all members will give you a fair and competitive price, will be honest in their dealings with you, will carry adequate insurance cover, will respect your house, and will comply with relevant health and safety or building regulations.

Dulux are confident that you will be more than satisfied with the work of this decorator, which is why they are approving, recommending and guaranteeing it.

If you have any questions contact the Dulux Select Decorators office on telephone 0845 762 6990 or www.duluxselectdecorators.co.uk