Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that you will do a good job? 

I am part of the Dulux Select Decorators scheme and also the Government Endorsed TrustMark standards scheme. Any malpractice on my part would mean that I would be struck off both, which would affect my business very badly. My reputation means everything to me, and I am only as good as my last job. I find the best advertising for me is customer recommendation. Finally, if my work isn't up to standard then I don't get paid!!

What's the difference between a quote and an estimate?

A quote is a fixed price, no hidden extras, and if there are going to be any extras the customer will be told what they might be before any work starts, and under what circumstances. An estimate is an open ended price that could change. I do not give estimates.

Will I have to move any furniture?

If the customer is unable to move any heavier items of furniture I will happily help. However pictures, ornaments, books and smaller items must be removed before work commences to avoid any damage. Any area where work is going to be carried out must be cleared of any unnecessary objects to ensure a safe working environment.

Do you cover up carpets and larger items of furniture

Every job I do my top priority is to protect your property or premises by means of sheeting up, any items left in the room to be decorated will be sheeted up to stop any damage being done. Sometimes it is possible to roll up and remove carpets, other times it is better to leave them down and use protective coverings. Each job will be decided on it's own merits.

Do I have to pay anything in advance?

Yes,  I will require a 15% deposit. When a deposit is paid a written receipt is given to the customer and deducted from the final bill.

For your reassurance the full amount of your deposit is protected by the Dulux Decorators Scheme.

When do I pay?

I would only expect payment after satisfactory completion of work as detailed in the accepted quote. Occasionally if is a large job (three or four weeks or longer) then payment may be broken down into staged payments, but again payment would only be due after the completion of each stage. Of course this would all be agreed prior to any work being started

What happens if there is accidental damage to my property?

I have insurance cover up to £1,000,000. If any damage has been caused due to any work carried out by myself then a claim will be hastily resolved.

What happens if I am not happy with the work that has been done?

On completion of your decorating I will show the customer around the work that has been done. If there is any discrepancy, then I will resolve it there and then. 

What do I do if the work done deteriorates after payment has been made and before the 24 month guarantee expires?

I would expect the customer would contact me immediately if something like this happens, and if it is due to my workmanship then I will put it right at my expense immediately.

How long do I have to wait after accepting your quote before work starts?

The moment I hear from the customer that they have accepted my quote I will give a commencement date, as a general rule I usually have from four weeks to three months work ahead of me.

Can I supply the materials for the job?

Of course you can, I can quote labour only if the customer requires. However, this can affect the 24 month guarantee in some situations, and using inferior decorating products will affect the finished quality of a job. I will advise the customer in both instances.

Do you take all the rubbish away?

I will clear away all rubbish and dispose of it in a responsible manner. I also vacume and tidy before we leave every night and where ever possible use sanders attached to a vacume to reduce the amount of dust.

Do I have to stay at home while you are working in my house?

As long as the customer feels happy to leave me in their home then there is no need. My testimonials from other customers hopefully should put your mind at rest, but rest assured I would not be offended if you want to stay at home to check on the progress of the work. Customers quite often have work completed whilst away on holiday.

Do you only use Dulux Trade products?

I use only the best trade products for the work being done. It's a well known fact that saving a few pounds on cheaper products in the long term does not pay. Products I use regularly are Dulux, Polycell, Sikkens and Zinsser. If a customer specifies a certain brand, then I will advise the customer of any potential problems that may occur, if any, and carry out any work to my usual high standards.